Title, Meta Tags and Description Research & Settings in Blogger | Class 1

blogger title meta tage and description research and basic blogger settings - Class 1

Title, Meta Tags and Description Research & Settings in Blogger | Class 1

Taking your business onto the digital and online platforms is far more easy and everybody is willing to build businesses.

Being a web developer and then a freenlancer i have started giving trainings to those people who have no expenses to pay for such expensive courses.

At the very first go, i have started sharing with freelancing (Fiverr) videos then started Instagram marketing course to become an instagram influencer. I will copy Playlist link below.

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Now after huge requests received on My Instagram I have planned to start Professional Blogging Course from Beginner to Advance level in Blogger.com and WordPress Platform.

First we will take blogger.com and start its settings and practical implementation for the beginner.

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Let Jump into the Article and discuss its core and basic knowledge:

How to Register Blogger.com Blog?

If you prefer Video instead of the written tutorial, then watch the video below. However, most of the important information are explained in the written form below. It is recommended to go through the article along with the video so that you can easily understand each and every feature of Blogger.

Watch the Video Below.


Step 1:- Signup Here:- http://www.blogger.com (If you already have a Gmail Account then you can easily signup using your existing gmail account.)

Step 2:- After creating Blogger.com account you will be redirected to your Dashboard. Click on the “New Blog” to create your first free blog.

How to Register Blogger.com Blog
How to Register Blogger.com Blog

Step 3:- A popup window will appear where you will need to add a “Title” for your blog. This title will be the title of your Home Page. And then in the next box enter a web address for your blog. You can enter any web address that is available for registration. If the web address is already taken then you will need to try for another web address.

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Note:- The .blogspot.com is already written by default. You just need to enter a web address for your blog and after registration the web address combined with the blogspot.com will be your final address for your blog. (As shown in the screenshot below)

blog name in Creating-Free-Blogger-Blog
Blog name in Creating-Free-Blogger-Blog

After setting a web address select a template for your blog. A template is the look and appearance of a blog. There are several free templates available for blogger. You can select any of them.

After entering all the details click on the “Create blog!” button to register your free blog.

Step 4:- Once you create a blog you will be redirected to your Blogger Dashboard. You can either enter your web address in the browser to view your blog OR you can click on the “View Blog” button next to your newly created blog to open it in a new tab. (As shown in the screenshot below)

blogger view blog option

The “View Blog” button will open your blog in a new tab. However as it is a brand new blog you will not see any articles inside it. Only the Home Page title will be shown on the blog. You can see your web address in your browser address bar (i.e http://famouspakistandrama.blogspot.com in our case). This will be the address of your blog and is also known as the Home Page.

blog name in Creating-Free-Blogger-Blog

This is how you can create a free blog in Blogger.com. You can create upto 100 blogs per account and can store upto 15 GB of data if your blogger.com account is integrated with Google+.

blogger title meta tags and description

Research for blog Name:

Your deep and thorough research on your blog name is mandatory to reach relevant people or attract relevant traffic onto your blog.

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However, for research job: Google trend and google keyword planner is most famous and itself google search engine is also most used tool to identify how much search results and traffic is redirecting per second, per hour and per day.

Google Trends:

Go google -> enter google trends -> you will get main dashboard as attached below:

google trend dashboard to research the density and search results stats


Hope you guys have enjoyed this article and attached video. If you did not subscribed my blog,youtube channel and instagram profile  then must go and hit.

This will surely give most amazing information and updates.



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