Telegram App got 25 million new users in last 72 Hours, surpasses 500 million users

Telegram App got 25 million new users in last 72 Hours

Telegram app has got 25 million new users in the Last 72 Hours, surpasses 500 million users

The amazing outbreak left by CEO Telegram App Mr. Pavel Durov, Telegram app got 25 million new users registered in only the last 72 hours. Said on Wednesday, January 13, 2021.

  • The company has outstripped to 500 million users.
  • This surprising growth is just due to the new privacy policies of WhatsApp and users refused to accept this ambiguous policy. Hence they switched to Telegram and Signal Messenger App.
  • Soon after the new policy came into the radar, people have felt insecure and the majority of the people have decided to move to another app i.e. Telegram and Signal
  • Telegram Messaging App is a favorite for all cryptocurrency and Technology industries.
  • Telegram never shared a single byte of data with any other company

Telegram App got 25 million new users in the last 72 Hours

Telegram has got the record installation in the last 72 hours and it enclosed with the app installations of 25 million. As per the Telegram CEO Pavel Durov by his channel there are 25 million new users has registered in the last 72 hours and hence overall telegram app installation reached 500 million users. This is all happened due to the ambiguous privacy policy of WhatsApp about sharing personal data with Facebook and their partner companies.

As per the news shared by the CEO of Telegram on his telegram Channel, we have received a record app installation and surpasses 500 million monthly active users. We haven’t received these significant installation results ever before. Although we were protecting users’ data for the last seven years and were receiving 1.5 installations per day.

Telegram App download Global Ratio:

But these stats that we received in the first week of January has made history by getting 25 million app installations in only 72 hours. But you will be amazed by reading the huge response we got from below regions of the whole globe.

Telegram App Global Installation Ratio from 25 Million New Users in 72 Hours:

  • Asia: 38% app installation
  • Europe: 27%
  • Latin America: 21%
  • MENA: 8%

We had a few amazing and historical days before this when we got a heavy surge on app installation due to the protective data center where we got 1.5 million per day installations.

WhatsApp has got a serious and heavy decline in the recent privacy policy update. Pavel Durov further wrote on his channel that people are now taking the least attention to be with the free services where the data is being exchanged. People are now no longer become hostage for using apps where data is being politicized, sell-out, and shared with partner companies. Durov further cited that unless another social app we never had shared a single byte with any third party company. We neither have shareholders, marketers nor government agencies to report for some sort of data or any related task.

Pavel Durove has clearly assured its users that we never shared a single byte of data with any other company since 2013.

What are the Telegram Features Vs Whatsapp Features?

Few Features of Telegram Messenger App that counts more with respect to WhatsApp:

  1. Telegram users can add unlimited users in his/her channel and up to 200000 users can add to the telegram group while the WhatsApp group can add 256 members only.
  2. Any new joining user on the telegram group can have access to all data which has been shared prior to his/her joining but WhatsApp has no such feature. Every new user can blindly join and they cannot find what has been shared in a group before joining. Like past conversations.
  3. Received data on Telegram is being stored on the Telegram server while WhatsApp is totally dependent on users’ storage to save received data.
  4. Whatsapp completely relying on Mobile number to which is already saved on your phone but in Telegram, you may easily create a username and start using Telegram.
  5. In Telegram, you can search any user with username but in WhatsApp, you can not search users like this.
  6. There is a Bot feature on Telegram that helps you and works as per your instructions to handle your daily tasks.
  7. On Telegram, you send a media file or Video file size up to 1.5GB but on WhatsApp, you may only send a video up to 16MB or up to 100MB other files.
  8. You activate the secret messaging option on Telegram and schedule that send a message when the receiver receives that particular message it will be deleted on your mentioned timing after seen.

Above are some amazing and interesting features which are making a hell difference between Whatsapp and Telegram and that is the only reason that Telegram got 25 million new users in the last 72 hours.

Who is Telegram Owner:

Telegram is owned by Pavel Durov, who is the found and main owner of this messaging app. Mr. Durov has made this messaging Telegram Messenger free to conduct messages and business conversations. It is more likely to whatsapp which is owned by Mark Zackerberg (Facebook and Instagram)

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Telegram App Download Apk:

Telegram is completely free to use and enjoy its amazing and advance features to handle personal and business jobs and tasks,

Download Telegram App For android/Play Store:

Install the Telegram App For Android
Install the Telegram App For Android

Download Telegram App For IOS/App Store:

Install Telegram App For IOS App store
Install the Telegram App For the IOS App store


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