Do you want to know about Spotify? What is Spotify? How does it work? What are the basic features of it? How much it can be effective? In this article, we will provide you the exact details or working mechanism of Spotify.




  • About Spotify
  • Brief history
  • How does Spotify work Online?
  • Features
  • Geographical availability
  • How to install Spotify?
  • Spotify web player
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Spotify officially launched in pakistan 2021 and there are around 20+ million active installations done. Spotify is a Swedish popular audio streaming services provider app. Its first time was launched in October 2008 by the Spotify AB platform in 2018 based in Luxembourg through its in charge company Spotify Technology S.A (on the New York Stock Exchange, a public trade company).



Spotify was set up on April 23, 2006, by Daniel EK at Stockholm, Sweden (Headquarters). Actually, there were two founders of this service company, Daniel EK was former CTO of Stardoll, and Martin Lorentzon was a co-founder of Tradedoubler. They named the Spotify app from the combination of two words “spot” and “identify”.

What is Spotify and how does it work online?

Spotify work in a totally legal way regarding streaming music and podcasts for listening online. Spotify company holds all major rights and has licensed tracks for recording labels of its large music library. They have the right to hold on to the amount of undisclosed track to each people based on the number of times they listen.


SPOTIFY OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED IN PAKISTAN 2021. Spotify has more than 70 million downloadable songs from different recorded labels and media companies as well as offers digitally restricted copyright recorded media and podcasts (2.2 million) and 4 billion playlists as well. Let’s we will discuss the list of Spotify features mentioned below.

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1. What is Spotify Play Button?

Spotify play button enables the music to play that may be added to the blogs, websites, social media profiles and in that way, the visitors can listen to the music, special song, any playlist, or album without leaving the page of the site.

2. What are the “Follow” tab and “Discover” tab of Spotify?

Users “follow” artists and friends to see what they are listening to.
“Discover” gives new releases to users from their favorite artists, music, review as well as recommendations depends on listening history.

3. What is the “Collection” section of Spotify?


The CEO Daniel Ek was announced that feature at a press conference. According to him, users can add tracks to the “collection” section of Spotify when they know what type of music they want to listen to, but not when they don’t.

4. What is Spotify’s “Running” and “Home” started page?

“Home” started page used for recommendation of music while “Running” involved in the improvement of music matched to running tempo.

5. What you think about “Spotify Original” content?

Any podcast and video clip related to entertainment, news, and clips would become to Spotify along with “Spotify Original” Content.

6. Has Spotify introduced any code for mobile apps?

Yes, Spotify introduced special codes for mobile users to share special artists, playlists tracks, and albums with other people as well. By using these codes, users can share relevant content with others like camera icons point their devices with the same content.

7. When Spotify introduced Car View for Android?

In January 2019, they introduced Car View for Android so that when devices connect to the car’s Bluetooth, these started now playing screen.

8. Canvas used for what purpose?

Canvas used for now playing view on Spotify’s iOS and any android mobile apps.

9. How Spotify discover weekly Playlists and Discoveries?

In July 2015, Spotify discover weekly playlists that provide custom-made music recommendations for two hours of their users. This provides a personal taste of the song enjoyed by similar listeners.

10. Describes the Spotify features of 2016?

In 2016, Spotify discovered different features like fresh playlists from main playlists, fire emoji, basement, Hiptronix, six strings as well as a cyclone.

11. What is the function of Spotify Release Radar?

In 2016, Spotify discover Release Radar which is used for personal playlists of the user that allow their user to stay alert of upcoming new music related to the previous one they listened mostly.

12. Define Rap Caviar of Spotify?

Rap Caviar was introduced by Spotify in 2017 and this was one of the most influential playlists regarding the Hip-Hop industry which attracts 10.9 million followers by 2019. This was considered as one of the top playlists from the top 5 worldwide playlists.

13. What about “Your Daily Derive” of  Spotify?

This was the custom playlist, generated in 2019 that replicates to derive the time of many radio stations and combines short-term podcast news updates from different sources to mix up the user’s favorite songs in daily derive in your library.

14. Spotify “Group Session” features?

This feature is used for two or more Premium users to share control over the music that being played in the same location.


SPOTIFY OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED IN PAKISTAN 2021 but Spotify is available in different countries of Europe, the Americas, Oceania including parts of Africa and Asia. Now it is officially launched in Pakistan recently. It would be expected to operate in more than 178 countries by the end of 2021. This android service is mostly available on modern devices like Windows, macOS, Linux computers, iOS, Android smartphones, however, on digital tablets as well. It would be enabled on smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

  1. How many monthly Users were in 2020 Spotify?
    In December 2020, this platform was held on about 346 million active users monthly.
  2. How much it would be expected about monthly users at the end of 2021?

According to one roughly estimated data, the monthly searches or active users would be greater than 500 million or more due to its unique features.

HOW DOES SPOTIFY WORK ONLINE - how to use spotify music aap-min
HOW DOES SPOTIFY WORK ONLINE – how to use Spotify music App


There is no cost for its basic features like playing music and it is totally free to install.

1. How to install for desktop?

  • Visit Restart the downloading if it does not work within a second.
  • Found the downloaded app in your PC folder and give a double click on it.
  • Moving forward, continue to install step by step.
  • After that, log in to the installed app and enjoy the music of any kind.

2. How to install from Mobile or Tablet?

  • Go to the google play store for any android device and AppStore for iOS to download and enjoy the music.

3. How to install for other devices?

  • There is no other or separate app that may be required to listen to music on them but in certain cases, it may be required due to depending on the nature of devices where you are listening to the music such as either you are using speakers, a car, TV, and games, etc.
HOW TO INSTALL SPOTIFY and features of spotify music aap-min
HOW TO INSTALL SPOTIFY and features of Spotify Music App


2. How to listen to music from Spotify Web Player?

  •  If you are unable to install the Spotify app from a desktop, by using the Spotify web player you can listen to the music. Web player (Music for everyone) gives you access to millions of songs. Go to


According to the Spotify website, listening is everything. Spotify is all about the music you will need anywhere in the world to enjoy. Visit the link

Your Favourite Podcasts and Music:

  • Find new music, audio, video clip, albums, playlists as well as podcasts.
  • Search music from different places, locations, and decades.
  • Search for your favorite songs, artists, and podcasts
  • Create and share your own playlists
  • Find songs according to your mood and activity
  • Explore the topmost or hit songs.
  • Enjoy music playlists


Basic advertisements with limits and control are free as a premium service, but additional features like that listening to music offline and commercial-free must be offered with paid subscriptions. The subscribers can create, edits, and share playlists by searching the musical bands from artists, albums, etc. Users can share tracks on social media and also create playlists with other users. Premium features allow you to enjoy the best quality sound on your own music and playlists. Discover playlists according to your mood and activities. Furthermore, there is no commitment, you can cancel any time you want. Congratulations SPOTIFY OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED IN PAKISTAN 2021.

Why go Premium Spotify Family?

  • Download music: Listen anywhere
  • No ad interruptions: Enjoy music non-stop
  • Play any song: Even on Mobile
  • Unlimited Skips: Just hit next

FAQs About Spotify Music App:

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  • what is Spotify and how does it work?
  • is Spotify free forever?
  • how does Spotify work on iPhone?
  • how does Spotify work for artists?
  • Spotify app
  • Spotify account
  • Spotify web player

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  3. Amazing and informative article.. I am first time go through this app and you explained its all features in very good manner
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