How to Start YouTube Channel in 2021 – Make Money Online from YouTube

How to Start YouTube Channel in 2021 - Make Money Online from YouTube

YouTube is all about views and subscribers that in return make you able to make money online from youtube. People there are struggling day and night to achieve this milestone when they sleep while giving time to their families. Passive income is generating at the back with this amazing platform and especially I am writing this on Start Youtube channel in 2021 and make money online.

To get this milestone you need to be very consistent and have searchable and productive content that will add value. In this article, I will be sharing the most important tips and steps that will help you get amazing change.

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How to Start YouTube Channel in 2021 to make money?

Starting a YouTube channel would not the first and last option for you to make money online from youtube. But when you decide to start you should have some content, have some knowledgeable skills, and planning to deliver in an inspiring way. To grow YouTube channel the only consistency is more than then your skills because if you have content, skills, and equipment but you are not regular in uploading content this would lead to slow down your pace ultimately YouTube will back drag your existence. So to grow on YouTube you must be consistent at the first stage that’s the success key.

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Why did you think to decide to start this career? Why YouTube?

Of course, if you decided to start this new digital YouTube career, you would have approached someone who has some success story, have some inspirations who delivered content well and inspired you. But my reason is strong and that is the overall viewer.

In the last year 2020, there is an extreme jump in entire YouTube views but 2021 is expected to be more of it. As per stats shown from YouTube $3 Billion revenue has been generated for an advertisement in 2020 but in 2021 it has been pre-estimated to rise up to $5.2 Billion.

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If I would further drill down into stats people are watching 100 billion hours daily which is creating more views worldwide.

What is the youtube partner program criteria where YouTubers can enable monetization?

  • 4000 hours watch time during the last 365 days
  • 1000 Subscribers in 365 days
  • Don’t use copyrighted content.
  • Do not share reusable content.

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What is the easiest online platform to earn money?

As long as YouTube is concerned if you are skilled in some domain it is the best platform to peruse but still, you have zero knowledge, and seeking ways to earn money online YouTube from YouTube is still there to help you enable so.

Many people start YouTube channels but cannot stable, they get demotivated soon and giving up. What is the reason? The reason is just the earning greed and doesn’t concentrate on the content to attract people. If you put a complete concentration on content and its well delivery you would get success in attracting people and would be illegible to grow like rocket fast.

Just have some patience and work on a daily basis.

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What is the Step by Step method to grow YouTube Channel in 2021?

Below is the most powerful and converting step by step method that will help you grow your YouTube channel fast in 2021.

  1. Try to choose the topic on which you have a perfect grip.
  2. Do not choose multiple topics at the beginning
  3. Try to create a playlist having an order of lectures so that people would engage and love to watch all your playlist videos one by one.
  4. To get a view it is a most expensive one but If you research on the topic and then go for the best keyword as the title of the video that would be most attractive and clickable. Use questionable statements as people are mostly landing on YouTube for some answers.
  5. As you know YouTube has an intelligence system and it can judge the English language that why when you enable the CC in English it automatically creating Subtitles on listening to what the creator is saying. So to make money online from youtube try the use of your primary keyword back to back in your video. By doing this YouTube will listen up and rank your video due to the authenticity used in all YouTube video SEO factors.
  6. Before Title, you should have an attractive thumbnail to talk users from another video when you recommend to other users. To get the recommended video results you need to design a beautiful thumbnail either on Photoshop or Canva.
  7. First 10 seconds worth your whole video so try to keep some unique and engaging portion of your video at first.
  8. Use keywords in your description and try to elaborate on your topic by rotating keywords. It will maximize the chance of keywords to be ranked fast.
  9. Tags are very important to get views. So to get the best results to try to use keyword in the tag section and also research some relevant keywords which must have a sound traffic. For it I am using tube buddy and VidiQ. Using these two platforms you will be easily finding relevant tags for any topic.
  10. Doing live sessions on YouTube is worth your watch time. So go live and remain there for a minimum of one hour it will help you achieving watch time rapidly. Announce prior to your live session and mention them to ask questions that will be answered during the live session.
  11. You should have a good attracting statement or link in your description to keep a long term relation with your viewers and subscribers. It will give the feel of loyalty when it comes to some value addition.
  12. Create short Videos as YouTube is emphasizing on every update. It will help you give subscribers and views. Although views are not being counted in our stats due to a Beta version of YouTube shorts.
  13. If you get 10000 Subscribers you will able to share stories. So update your YouTube family with upcoming videos and running announcements.

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This is all, how you make your 2021 an amazing year and become a successful YouTube and digital content creator.

I have created a playlist on Step by Step guide on how to start a youtube channel in 2021. Watch and take benefits today.

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