How To Start Blogging? Ultimate Guide for 2020

what is Blogging and its scope ? Digital haical ultimate guide on blogging

Blogging is an open profession, where you are boss of you own. Deal everything in the field of blogging with a regular and with some prior strategic plans ..

How To Start Blogging? Digital Haical Ultimate Guide for 2020
How To Start Blogging? Digital Haical Ultimate Guide for 2020

Blogging is getting more market in 2020 and getting popular day by day and as a result of your hard work you can earn much more when your blog get viewed to people. Once you blog is standout then you just need to update some most demanding article and sit aside .Your earning will be exponential day by day.

There is nothing like, anyone comes to you and asks for the performance. You are open status to you as insight. You know your own lacking and start avoiding to grow in the field of blogging in 2020. There is no one who bulls or anger you.

However, you performance is entirely depends on your working an how much time you are giving to blogging. The more you give time the more to get out of it .

To grow in blogging you must have a good skills in writing, pen down a story into some interesting words. Once you are a good writer then you must have a good reading skills. This is the first and foremost rule of blogging .

To compete in the field of blogging you need to research, what niche is demanding and then plan what you can write. Once you decide the topic of the article, make prior research, read relevant topics and then start working on it.

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Make sure you have that much knowledge to write down the maximum and valuable content in blog .So that people can like and share. Moreover, take maximum help from google because you know how to assemble the content while writing article for your own blog .

There may be a question, you may ask on this point, that where do I start blogging ?

How To Start Blogging? Digital Haical Ultimate Guide for 2020 blogs
Where do i start? Digital Haical Ultimate Guide for 2020

See, there is no one who took the degree of blogging or expertise of blogging with him or her. The only thing which we need is struggle. This will take you to the list of top bloggers Otherwise no one came taking blogging from their mother’s womb.

Struggle, Struggle and Research

Bloggers always reading a lot to give some valuable information to their subscriber. They are searching things to make their blogs interesting. No matter if you blog don’t indexed. Just keep your working on. Continue your working don’t stop. You struggle and hardwork will be paid off.

The most important thing in this blogging career is don’t lose hope . Once you disappoint you will lost you every efforts made to achieve some meaning goal . So always keep you target in your mind and remember that what are you doing and what you need to achieve at the end of day .

If you blog for the money, this thinking will dishurt you at some point. If your intention is money then don’t waste your time because you are gonna leave this career one day.

So if you are good in writing ,reading and a good observer and you like your thinking write down into word. Then start blogging because this mindset will boom you career and as a result money will not be going to somewhere. Then money will be running only to you.

What is blog? Digital Haical Ultimate Guide for 2020
What is blog? Digital Haical Ultimate Guide for 2020

If I will take my example. I was nothing and seriously I still nothing but the thing is , hard work. I am bit more experienced in writing article and write down themes with some valuable knowledge .

At the start of my blogging days, I use to take some short cuts but later on I understand the basic rules and working methodology of search engine and the general concept of online readers.

I have to choose the organic way to lead people and take the best out of it . Hence I learning and achieving my targets day by day .

Most importantly, if you want to earn money from blogging career. You must have a good knowledge and understanding of article writing and other aspects to achieve more.

This career selection can be for you part time job or full time job .But following two things must be in you figure tips before starting  .

   1. Complete understanding and knowledge of; How to create an article?

   2. You goal and plan must be for some business purpose .

I have taken the step by step guide on What is blogging and how to create a blog ? With these thing, I will give a clear understanding and complete knowledge of all the aspects of blogging and how to generate passive income in blogging career .

Since I will share all the general and useful practices which I personally implementing while crafting and writing my article. But it depends on you that how you handle my techniques according to your knowledge of blogging experience .

What is Blog?

A blog is just like a open diary. And in this diary you can write down whatever you like the most and wanted to let other people know . You can write interesting stories, educational  tutorials, funny and comedy sms, poetry, magazines and  articles .Means to say you can write on any topic in which you feel there is some interesting content which you use to make some meaningful and motivational content to you readers.

What is blog? Digital Haical Ultimate Guide for 2020

While writing you article , make it sure that you write a clear and understandable information.

You should be well aware of the fact that , the way which we had a colorful and attractive diary in our childhood, your blog must also be having a same look to attract people having interesting ,motivational and meaning information. That way your blog will be on google search engine trending list and as a result you have exponential earning by doing hard work on blogging .

On the other side, if your blog is messy, unprofessional look, lack of information and things are not assemble your blog will get hate and ultimately it will be taken as a garbage and not ranked. As mentioned above, your diary must be look pretty with a number of blogs written. If you don’t do this neither you can grow nor your blog get ranked .

Important Equipment to start Blogging:

  • Computer / laptop
  • Interent Connection
  • Google searching skills
  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Know how to select a topic and how to write down an article.

First step to start Blogging:

To start a blogging, you need to know some basic rules which you have to keep until you working in this blogging career. Without following these rules or implementing you can never achieve you goals because search engines are having some functionalities and we have to work accordingly to compete our competitors otherwise we cannot grow in this blogging field.

So to get benefit, you must follow from the first article and start implementing .This way your profile and website don’t get affected by any violation and working accordingly to the policies of search engine . As a result your website will be soon get ranked and you will be initially able to enroll for google AdSense account then you are completely able to start showing google ads in your blogs once you get approval .

Select a topic:

The most important and foremost step to think and needing more research in blogging field is!

What should be the niche ?

What is your niche ? Digital Haical Ultimate Guide for 2020
What is your niche ? Digital Haical Ultimate Guide for 2020

  To select the best niche and category to start your blogging career, follow below steps to find most demanding topic:

  1. Use google search Engine
  2. Go to Google keyword planner and analyze with most trending keywords .
  3. Use google trends for detailed insights of the keywork.

Once you get confidence on some keywords, search them again on google and check either

  • They are useful or not ?
  • What is CPC?
  • What are monthly searches?
  • Its keyword difficulty.

After checking above points, start your career as a young energetic and enthusiastic manner to achieve maximum in a very limited period of time .

For the sake of help I will mention few topic which you can search and research.May be it will help you by any means .

 Your blog topic is may be of, Reading, Listening, Technology, Cooking, Agriculture, Cricket, Sports & Game Reviews, Movie Reviews.

You must give preference to that topic which you like the most as well as it is a demanding of the time. This will help you to grow in limited period of time and benefit as well.

Start reading more blogs, this will give you a basic idea on how to write articles and how they assembled a long article which is catchy and add taste to read complete article.

Sources to get help in blogging career ?

Select a Domain Name / Blog Name:

A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet.

What is your domain? Digital Haical Ultimate Guide for 2020
What is your domain? Digital Haical Ultimate Guide for 2020

A domain is going to be brand. So before you book it must be the one which is well known and having a trending keyword.

Signup for domain regsitrar: Click Me For Domain Check

I would suggest you must research on selected domain keyword as well to get some understating that how much you have to struggle at first to indexed that domain name into google and other search engines. By this practice you are able to work on blogging very smartly and sharply.

If you never practiced on the day first, you will start delaying your blog to indexed because it will take time to get indexed. So start practicing from the day first so that you may never be affected or get delayed.

A domain name is actually your blog or website name which you have to keep in some live hosting server to let people search you and get information.

Domain name is just like a baby name to call. Later on it will be easy to search you in google.

This will be a source to get people landed on your website quickly.

Note: There is a lot in blogging career so just research and start you working but make sure your working will be most appealing and demanding .

Create a Blogging Platform:

At the start if you think that you should first analyze and test your expertise before going into paid domains then this is also possible. There are some free platforms where you can write articles, which are indexed and can be attract maximum traffic if you article have that much power to give value to the audience .

Platforms are as below :

What is blog and how to create? Digital Haical Ultimate Guide for 2020
What is blog and how to create? Digital Haical Ultimate Guide for 2020

If money is not an issue for you at the starting days, then I would suggest you start with as it is a Google platform and is much easy to get ranked on index rather than WordPress. This way you can analyze in a better way and later on when you satisfy with your expertise you can easily transfer your free website to you the paid domain and hosting.

Blog Design:

To grow in blogging career you must have a good user interface to interact. Design of your blog should be captivating, attractive and eye catching. Must be professional as this field is demanding more professionalism in it.

If you don’t want to hire any professional designer then you must know the designing techniques to standout your blog within the list of your competitors.

Advantages of hiring Web Designer:

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  • In the early stages, your blog will be displayed a professional touch and as a result you get noticed and you visitors will land again later on .  

Disadvantages of hiring Web Designer : Hire For Web Designing

  • You will lose a lot of money at the time when there is not income .
  • If you work on designing you learn a lot and gradually you will get a lot of experience to handle your blog according to your own will.
  • You will get rid of the frequent hiring’s for your blog to handle.
  • You save a lot of money.

Your preference particularly in your early days of your blogging career, blog design must be very much appealing and focusing. Otherwise you will lose you visitor in early days .

Blog Marketing:

After depoying you blog there is second phase, which is marketing and this is very much important to let the targeted people know about this blog and about what in it .

Hence, you should start marketing on social media like:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Pinterest
  5. Google+
Content Marketing and Blog Marketing? Digital Haical Ultimate Guide for 2020
Content Marketing and Blog Marketing? Digital Haical Ultimate Guide for 2020

This practice will give you benefit to reach more people to land. Otherwise in early day you do not practice this way you will lose your target and ultimately you get disappoint so side by side start working on social media as well to market your  blog and its content .

Make social media accounts and its branding to attract people . This will give security and surety to people that it’s a real and productive, professional site and hence as a result they start reading till end .


Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. This is depends on keywords and implementing after a detailed keyword research . This way you can reach more people and get eye ball to your site.

What is seo ? Digital Haical Ultimate Guide for 2020
What is seo ? Digital Haical Ultimate Guide for 2020

Avoid copy-content posts:

Copying content from other sites are the worst practice ever in the field of internet marketing .Particularly in blogging this practice is harmful for every blogger. So avoid copying content and start crafting articles from scratch.

How to copy content for blog? Digital Haical Ultimate Guide for 2020
How to copy content for blog? Digital Haical Ultimate Guide for 2020

Research more on google. Take help from other articles but if you like to copy some other articles make sure you write that article according to your own wording so your site will not get spammed and as a result you get positive ranking .

I hope you enjoyed this article, I would appreciate your time taken on my article.I believe it worth your time .

If there is still any confusion don’t hesitate just comment down in the comment box or follow me on my social platforms .

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