How to Improve the Performane and Speed of WordPress Website – W3 Total Cache Tutorial 2020

How to Improve the Performane and Speed of WordPress Website - W3 Total Cache Tutorial 2020

How to Improve the Performane and Speed of WordPress Website – W3 Total Cache Tutorial 2020


As the series of website optimization is going to end at this article and below attached video. I hope this series of guide would help you increase your website loading speed and performance.

How to Improve the Performane and Speed of WordPress Website - W3 Total Cache Tutorial 2020 1

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If you did not watched my previous two articles and videos . Below are the links, Go and check first so that you will get know the exact procedure and method which will lead you to gain maximum performance out of it and you will not lose your potential clients .

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Indeed every website must have some google accepted page loading speed so that google will judge, have your website evaluated and eventually it get indexed to get a bonus chance for its ranking .

When you have not practiced to maintain you website load well and give a inspiring vibe to your visitors, it will harm you, your earnings will get disturbed and all lyour efforts which you put will be useless only by one reasone, that is, You don’t have any optimized website which is creating value and giving benefir to your visitors . Hence google will remove your existence from google search console and other of their platforms to maintain its credibility towards their customers who are using google as search engine .

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Why I Need To Increase Website Speed?

After crossing two video and two article guides (Links are mentioned above).  I believe you got the basic understanding that how much website speed matters when you plan a website used for some business purposes. If you watched my last two video and red two articles which I pretty sure, you understand well. Then I will walk you through for the third part of website optimization and increase website loading speed guide.

Why W3 Total Cache?

Referring to the website speed and its performance, this part of article is very much important to know and understand to make sure that you have done with all thick and thins which you are having in your website while opening and searching anything into your website pages .

check website speed on pingdom

There are many other service  or wordpress plugins which you can use and take benefit but In my case I will use the most important and most used WordPress Plugin to guide you about its settings and setup.

What things do you need to care while changing its settings ?

Most importantly it will be very much to take a backup if possible, just for the safety purpose because every user is having different themes. It may be free one or paid one .If differs.

When you make sure everything to secure your website, let’s start the setting part to change things according our own use and ease to make website a most performing one.

web page speed increase

Before Starting with its settings I will suggest you to watch my video below, in which I have shared every point where you can integrate every settings safely without losing your website or without down the website chance.

Watch this video to understand well.

If you missed my first article on Increase WordPress Loading : Click Here !

Once you watch the above video, I hope you set up everything as per the guidance provided in above video. Now it’s the time to check the performance speed on below websites of your choice:

If you do a website speed check before the above things changed, its better because you will get to know how to much percentage you got after making changings into your website with the help of w3 total cache WordPress plugin.

At the end If you feel any confusion or feeling that there is something which creating trouble let me know by hitting in comment sections or DM me on my Instagram account below.

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