How To Get Fiverr Orders From Facebook in 2020

How To Get Fiverr Orders From Faceboooh in 2020

How To Get Fiverr Orders From Faceboooh in 2020 :

Dear Freelancers This article is writing only to help you grow your freelancing career. So that you don’t stick, don’t stay at one point though, you get progress day by day in your online freelancing career.
So, as you all know in this digitalized era, which started from the last five years. Competition for every field is very much tough. 

One can even get his first Fiverr order after the hard day and night struggle of two to three months and some freelancers still can not win their first order to take-up their journey. As a result, freelancers get fed up, discouraging themselves, and prefer to choose some other field where they can adjust.

Why One Become Fail To Achieve Orders On Fiverr?

To get rid of this failure, I took a very useful guide to enhance your freelancing career by finding your jobs out of your freelancing platforms and take clients on to your profile. So that your profile gets a boost and gets ranked automatically.

If you still not been registered on  Fiverr: Click Here For Free Registration

I have made a video guide as well if you wish to watch go and find. You would surely get a proper understanding of how to get orders from Facebook and how your Fiverr gigs get ranked.

Watch This Video Guide For More Clarity!


Tips To Get More Orders From Facebook:

I will also make a video near future on how to pitch clients by sending a proper, professional, and understandable proposal, which a client gets inspired in your experience and on your skills.

Back to the topic, 
How to get your  Fiverr orders from Facebook in 2020. Before starting this topic, I would like to take your attention to this important point that before taking your first order on Fiverr or any other freelancing platform, make sure.

You Must Know Your Skills and the Level Of Skills. Otherwise, you may get affected by your clients

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Let’s jump into the topic.

Since you are not getting orders on your Fiverr profile or any other freelancing platform, you must try to search on Facebook. And for this technique, you must have good searching skills.

I have also made a video on this topic has a step by step guide that how to search your related job on Facebook.

How To Get Fiverr Orders From Facebook in 2020
How To Get Fiverr Orders From Facebook in 2020

Step by step Method:

  • Log in Your Facebook Account.
  • Go to Facebook Main Search Bar on the Facebook homepage.
  • Type your related niche keyword enclosed by inverted commas like this.


  1. If you are a developer:   your keyword must be like this. “web developer”
  2. If you are a graphic designer: your keyword must be like this. “graphic designer”
  3. you can also use search filters in the sidebar to target your search to keep specific.


After entering the search, you will find a number of jobs posted in a few days or older than your required dates. Give preference to those jobs which were updated recently to pitch your job as they are very much potential to pitch. But no worry you can send proposal s with Fiverr gig link to those jobs which are reflecting older than old. In this way, you can get traffic on your Fiverr gig at least.

How Many Chances that you win Any order/job from Facebook ?

There is 50 to 80 % chance to get order. If you sent a very attractive and inspiring proposal with your fiverr gig link.

Is there be still any benefit if we do not get or win any order from Facebook?

Referring to your experience and level of skills,you may get job at any means, but if you do not pitch that certain have still chance to grow and this linkage on Facebook still giving you three kinds of benefits:



  • He may click your Fiverr gig link and land on your profile, as a result, you get a user on your gig.
  • He may consider you in the near future when he needs if your profile is that much capable.
  • You got traffic on your Fiverr profile or freelancing platform result your gig gets ranked.

How to Submit an Inspiring proposal when we get any job on Facebook?

See, this stage is your most important and turning point of you career, it will decide either you are going to start your career now or later on.So make sure you have a very descriptive , catchy and meaningful proposal having a professional look as well as your experiences and you past projects data and information. Last don’t forget to add your fiverr gig or any other freelancing link .So that they can visit your profile an evaluate you according to his job requirement. By this you will get page view,impression,clicks and many chances for you to have an order to start your career.

And when you start this method implemented in your future practices, you would double up your orders from Facebook or even other platforms adding Fiverr itself.

If you still not been registered on  Fiverr: Click Here For Free Registration:

At making sure you continuously online on your freelancing accounts no matter it is Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer. Otherwise, your profile gets affected and would never rank.

To boost up your profile make sure your availability and participate in it to show some of your presence so as to let freelancing websites that you are online for any job.

Furthermore, if you want to withdraw your Fiverr funds, then it’s very much important that you must have a Payoneer account. If you still do not have ? then Click the below link and get register for your master card. It will help you in the future for smooth withdrawals.

Click this link:

Payoneer signup link

It’s very important if you are a freelancer from Pakistan.

I believe you understand this very important method to grab orders for your freelancing platforms(Fiverr, upward, the freelancer).

If you still confused or need any help to refer to this video, I have given step by step understanding on how to get orders from Fiverr.

Further, if you love this article, make sure to subscribe to my newsletters for my future article which shall also helpful in your freelance career to earn more than what you are earning now. 

How To Get Fiverr Orders From Faceboooh in 2020
How To Get Fiverr Orders From Faceboooh in 2020


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