How To Do Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest Without a Blog? Pinterest Affiliate Marketing 2020

How To Do Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest Without a Blog

How To Do Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest Without a Blog? Pinterest Affiliate Marketing 2020


Are you even allowed to use direct affiliate links on Pinterest?

That’s one of the questions I get very often about affiliate marketing on Pinterest. Can you use Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest?
How do you do the affiliate disclosure to be safe?
Which other affiliate networks you can use on Pinterest?

So many questions!

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest

And in this article, I will show you what you should do with the filling links to increase your affiliate income with Pinterest free traffic.

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And before we move into any details, I want to answer a very common question about affiliate marketing on Pinterest. People often ask me: can I make money on Pinterest with affiliate links if I don’t have any website?

Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest
Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

Affiliate Program Registration Procedure:

And in theory, you can because your links will go directly to the site of the product you are trying to sell as an affiliate. But, in reality, you will find out that most of the affiliate programs will require a website upon registration. So you will be filling out applications to join any affiliate program or network and on most of them, you will have to provide a website.

Does Affiliate Programs require any website?

Some networks probably will allow you to add links to your social media profiles and in this case, Pinterest would work perhaps. But just be prepared that most of the affiliate programs will require a domain, a website.

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Social Media Sharing Policy for affiliate Links:

Another thing you need to check out as soon as you join any affiliate program is whether or not they allow using direct links from social media.
For example, I’m showing you one of the affiliate networks I’m working with it’s called ShareASale. It has products from many different niches.

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ShareASale Accepting Without Website:

As you can see, all the categories here. And if you don’t know where to start and how to find great affiliate offers you could start here on ShareASale. Because it’s a very big network, and most probably we’ll find something that suits your audience in your niche. And once you are accepted to the ShareASale network, you will have to apply for each individual affiliate program separately. So you don’t have access to all of them by default, just by joining ShareASale, okay?

Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest
Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

Read Terms & Conditions What ShareASale shared before Starting:

And before applying, you can open each specific program and read their Terms and Conditions. Some of the programs will specifically focus on affiliate links in social media but I have to warn you that not all the programs even mention this rule about social media.

For example for this particular product in their Terms of Service, they say clearly: social media promotion on Facebook Twitter, and other social media platforms is permitted but you need to follow several general rules. And if you read carefully what they want from you here, they’re just saying that you are welcome to use affiliate links on your Facebook, Twitter accounts, and other social media platforms.
So, you can use it on your accounts but you are prohibited from posting these affiliate links on PicMonkey’s.


Social media accounts that that then wouldn’t make sense to go to the official page of a PicMonkey and post and post to your affiliate links there that doesn’t make any sense.
So that’s the only rule! So basically you can use for this program and there are many other products that are clearly stating that you can use social media links.

Now let me show you how you can create a pin with direct affiliate links and I will keep showing you this example from ShareASale.
So we’re going to first upload the pin image on Pinterest so we’re going to upload this pin, add a pin description, pin title first, then pin description with all the keywords we’re trying to target with this pin and with relevant hashtags of course, and one of the hashtags will be #affiliate.

Affiliate Link disclosure:

You could also use a hashtag #sponsored or hashtag #ad – this is for disclosure because Pinterest is following FTC guidelines. It’s a common practice on the Internet that you have to make a disclosure.

Keyword Research Related to Pins:

In this case, you’re just putting these hashtags. And I wouldn’t recommend doing this mindlessly! You have to actually do the keyword research and add all the keywords related to the product you’re advertising. Otherwise, your pin has very little chances to generate a lot of clicks. If you want to learn how to do keyword research on Pinterest.

My Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets Course:

I also have a Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets Course for those of you who want to dive really deep into all the rules of search engine optimization for the Pinterest platform specifically. These strategies will help you grow organic traffic, meaning you will have to do the work but you don’t need an ad budget for this traffic.

Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest for amazon affiliate links

How to interlink Your Affiliate direct link on Pinterest Pin?

And to finish the creation of this pin we need to add a destination link so in our case, it will be an affiliate direct link to the product we go to ShareASale and among the other links to the product, I will check the default text link. You click here to get the code and you choose select URL only I copy that code and I will insert it here in the destination link.

Save Your Affiliate PIN:

Now, to save this pin ideally you would have to create or already have a board that has this exact main keyword that you’re targeting. But since I’m just showing you an example I don’t have any board that really has the same keywords like image editing, image editing app in the title.

So I will just save it to one of my to my biggest board where I save everything related to my site. I’m gonna click publish. Now, let’s see what we have in this pin so here is the pin, and if you look down to the left you will see to the left corner you will see that the link goes it’s an affiliate link and it goes to the PicMonkey website.

So having direct links from pins was one of the ways of using Pinterest for affiliate marketing. And another way that could work even better in my opinion is by adding your affiliate links on your website or your blog. I’m showing you here an example of a post about the best gifts for Mother’s Day. As you can see, here in this blog post.


You create a collection of great gift ideas and you explain why each of these gifts is so amazing and this provides added value and builds trust. So people read your post and they really feel that they should try and they should go and buy that gift. The same applies to products like PicMonkey from my previous example.

If you just add send users like I showed you directly to PicMonkey’s landing page, people might get interested but since they don’t know anything about the tool they will just leave the site without buying. But if you send them to your blog post where you explain how to use PicMonkey and why the tool is so great, you’re reading value.

Must have Some Destination Link Which add some value:

Let me show you from this pin we’re going to this blog post it’s a long blog post. she has all the screenshots, all the instructions, it’s a full tutorial and she even has a video.

So you’re adding value and you’rebuilding trust So, conversions are much higher in this case if you use links NOT direct links to the products but to your blog post.

Second Method, To Sell With Direct Affiliate Links:

But, of course, the second methods when you’re creating a blog post or some information on your website it requires more work from you so if you’re doubting you could just try both of these methods and see which works the best I’m sure that depending on the product price it can be easier or harder to sell with direct affiliate links.

It depends on the niche and on the types of products that you are promoting with your affiliate links now that you know how to create a few little pins let me give you a little more idea about which are the best affiliate programs that will work great on Pinterest so the biggest huge and authority platform is Amazon.

What People Trust More:

People trust this platform people buy easily from Amazon because they know that the mine is safe so you could create affiliate links right here in Amazon Associates Program and then you link them to your pins another platform you will find really efficient for the Pinterest audience is ad C so ad C also has an affiliate program and you can find the link to this affiliate program at the footer of the site and you will see that Pinterest.

Users love products that are sold on NC its art handmade crafts brought craft products so NC products are just created for Pinterest users

If this article helps you at any point, let me give confidence by mentioning your words on the comment box.

Ho To Do Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest Without a Blog pinterest pin
How To Do Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest Without a Blog Pinterest pin

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