Fix Instagram Action Blocked Issue – New Update 2020

Fix Instagram Action Blocked Issue

Fix Instagram Action Blocked Issue – New Update 2020

Instagram Action Blocked is common nowadays, everybody is facing this problem just because of the fact that people wishing to grow their profiles (business, personal brands) fast.

As with the passage of time, people have deployed their businesses on Instagram, more policies and rules are implementing to make sure the smooth process and secure business platform.

Coming back to the topic, Instagram action blocked is a punishment from the Instagram management on the violation of the Instagram defined SOPs and polices.

Before moving onto the detail of the article, I have video on the same topic: Fix Instagram Action Blocked in 2020. Watch it you would get a clear understanding to get rid of this issue (Action Blocked).

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General question asked from many people that,

Why Instagram doing action blocked activities?

  • To identify third party bots
  • To reduce fake bots.

What are the restricted actions on which Instagram bots finds culprits and giving punishment by blocking their actions on the subject of Action Blocked!

Points are as below:

  1. When you action more than 50 times on any of the Instagram feature in 60 minutes of time span, you would get action blocked for that particular feature.

For example:

If you follow more than 50 Instagram users with in one hour of time span, action block will encounter your profile and you will be restricted for certain period of time.


This action block would also take place when you like pictures, comment, follow/unfollow and use of third party apps or bots.

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What are the possible solutions to get Instagram action blocked fix or resolved?

There are many ways which have been practically practiced and got a certain purpose. I will share with you my personal ways which I practiced and achieved my goal and get rid of this action block punishment.

  • Remove all third party apps which you ever used to get likes.
  • Remove all third party apps/bots you ever used to get followers.

There are multiple apps like captivate and cleanser to get followers or unfollow Instagram users respectively.

  • Attach all your Social Media Accounts (Facebook & Twitter) with your account so that Instagram will judge you a real user by checking social media links.
  • Logout your Instagram once and change your Instagram Password as your account get compromised.
  • Change your mobile/System WI-FI to Mobile data. As Instagram only blocks IP address not Instagram account. So, this point going to be a useful to restore your account in normal status.
  • Go to Settings > Apps Management > Installed Apps / Running Apps > Instagram >

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At this position: Clear Cache & Data.

  • Re -login your Instagram Account to check the updated status.

By following above steps, most probably come up with a good result. Where you would find your account in normal status. Eventually, you will again start sharing of your business content to attract or entertain other Instagram users.

Things to Avoid after getting back from Instagram Action Blocked Status:

Once you get your Instagram in normal status. Here you are at the position where your account is eligible for sharing of your relevant content, considering to your respective niche.

  1. Do not practice on blocked feature until its said date.
  2. If not connected social media account then make sure to connect them to give a better understanding to the Instagram Bots to judge you a real Instagram user.
  3. Change your Instagram Password to avoid any suspicious act.
  4. Do not use third party app or website to gain fake followers and likes.
  5. Keep your interaction according to the Instagram policies i.e. do not like, comment, follow, unfollow, more 50 times with in times span of 1 hour from single account or user.
  6. Complete your profile if left incomplete.
  7. Verify your email form your respective Gmail/Hotmail/yahoo etc. account.

Referring to above detailed article, I hope you understand about the Instagram algorithm and its working. But keep in mind that Instagram bots are regularly monitoring its every user about their actions and other suspicious acts. If found someone guilty, will be directly giving punishment as Action Blocked. And he/she will be restricted for using that certain action for few days mentioned by Instagram.

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Comment down in comments section that: Who has followed above tips and get resolution?

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