7 Ways that you can start get traffic to your blog or website

7 Ways that you can start get traffic to your blog or website

7 Ways that you can start get traffic to your blog or website


Did you created a blog and never getting visitors to read? It’s good!

When you put your best on writing interesting blog posts and wanted the whole world to read them. Unfortunately there is no one besides your family or sometimes even family is not supporting, can be truly a discouraging factor in the beginning.

7 Ways that you can start get traffic to your blog or website

In fact, visitors on your site won’t come in a single night or it will not land automatically but you have to implement some basic practices and here you are the only one who have to generate traffic with right techniques.

After doing this you would start getting eye balls in the very first day and eventually it will converted into a flow of a steady traffic. But it only happen when you add value into your site where people getting really a value from your website and have a long term strategy to walk that traffic with you on long term basis.

To resolve this practice and the sense of discouragement that you are not getting traffic after putting heart and soul on writing effective articles onto your blog. Here I brought,

7 Ways that you can start get traffic to your blog or website.

But these ways are not for a single attempt or for few days, these ways would be remaining with every published post into your blog or website to get traffic and to standout your blog among other recommended sites or blogs.

7 ways to get traffic on your blog are as below:

  1. Write Attention Gaining Title / Headline
  2. Start Blog Commenting
  3. Start Publishing Guest Posts
  4. Focus on Website/blog SEO.
  5. Start Participating on Social Media (forums and groups).
  6. Create a Strong Mailing list.
  7. Make videos about niche for YouTube.

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Let’s jump into the details on aforementioned points:

1. Write Attention Gaining Title / Headline

Headline and the blog title playing a vital role in attracting customer with in the blog or outside of the blog when you are sharing your article on social media platforms.

Title is only the thing which you can see when you share on social media, if your post title is not the effective one and the attention attaining, people would simply read and start swiping and scrolling screens.

Our main focus is to attract visitors only by our effective and attention taking title, which would insist visitors to open your article and hence this way you can start getting traffic only by this effective blog headline strategy.

7 Ways that you can start get traffic to your blog or website

There must be a question from your side, that how can you make your blog or article title most effective and more engaging?

Below are some tips I took for you:
  • Always Use Odd numbers in title.

Like:   “50 Ways of dieting” is better than “How to diet well.”

It’s a proven fact that, people always remember odd numbers more.

  • Use of Adjectives is more effective.

Like:  Instead of “Great” or “Nice” you can use “Incredible” or “Amazing.”

This practice would give some pure gesture to visitors .

  • Write something which People Feel:

Like: take a topic that people or you “Love” or “Hate” rather than something that is just fine, okay or not good.

  • Always keep Headline Short:

As per the google policy and search engine visibility policy only 70 to 75 characters must be in your headline so that it does not cut off while searching.

If you need to take help from some tool/service, use free Headline Analyzer tool to check if you want to make headline more effective.

2. Focus on Website SEO

Blog marketing. Digital haical ultimate guide on blogging

As the SEO is difficult and is quite complex to deal when it comes to maintain by own as a full time or part blogger. To minimize this difficulty you need to think and learn at least basic practices by which a blog or website can get indexed and capture more visitors, this is something which an illiterate person can to achieve his/her goals. Your strategy and thinking will only give you benefit that how you react with your site and get desired traffic.

You can take help from Google and YouTube whatever but make sure you stay only with the relevant field not get into deep.

This would confuse you and at the end its will harm your basic understanding as well.

3. Start Blog Commenting

There is another way to grow audience and generate traffic onto your website is, commenting on blog posts which are relevant to your niche. And particularly on that blogs topic on which you wrote on.

 Learn Instagram Marketing Ways:  Instagram Marketing in 2020

Comment section is actually a kind of marketing medium and a big opportunity to market your product (article). To take full benefit out of this, you need to read complete article so that you could leave a meaningful comment which is not spam and create interest to the other commenters. Your comment must reflect your blog and the best attracting part to convince visitor to read out yours one.

When you wrote a natural and organic comment on any relevant blog or article, that means there are more than one person who loves that blog and willing to comment, so when you comment, it will give notification or sometime send emails to all the people who has commented and all those upcoming people who will commen.

Blog commenting . Digital Haical Ultimate Guide for 2020

4. Guest Post

Guest postings are another way to market your blog and build organic traffic. Guest posting is actually refers to writing a blog post for some another blog or website falling in your niche as a “Guest Author” with the help of “Guest Post”.

Guest post having your profile info, if the audience and the traffic of that particular blog, love your guest post they would eventually love to visit your profile and your blog.

As a result traffic will be redirected to your blog due to guest post, and you will get a passive traffic to read your blog post..

Getting approval for guest postings, make sure you contact bloggers with complete info and your blog or article must create value, education and interest in the audience of the blog, so that they get inspired and feel Wow after reading your article or blog.

guest posting in blogging

5. Create a Mailing List (Funnel)

Built an assemble mailing list or opt in form to attract emails with the contact information. This list can be built by manually interested followers or subscriptions pop up to let visitors knows about the newsletters membership alert. So that they can put their email id to subscribe the newsletter campaign.

Subscription popup alert can be customized and designed by you. You can also design your email format graphically to give a professional look.

This will help you give more subscribers just because you integrated a professional funnel to grab visitors.

By this potential email list, you can easily initiate prior announcement regarding your blog and upcoming projects. It will help you grow visitors count into your website.

creating mailing list for blog subscribers

6. Start Participating on Social Media (Forums and groups):

Social media groups are very important to conduct discussions and a medium to discuss on some critical and non-critical matter but it’s an effective way to increase engagement.

But one thing must know before joining those relevant groups which are creating content just like your one. Your posts and blog links must be most attractive and having something to think upon and brainstorming.

When it comes to the forum, you must have a link to redirect and best conversation strategy to address every question if you are having any skill.

Read My Pro Tips on Blogging Career: What is blogging  and how to learn in 2020?

Like quota.com. People are raising questions about every topic there but the one who is skillful would come forward and answer to that question. By this that person will get maximum eye ball due to his participation. That way people use to know that about their skill how efficiently he is answering to every relevant question.

participate in forums to drive traffic in your blog

7. Make videos about niche for YouTube.

This last tip is most important one to give introduction about your blog. Because YouTube is just like a search engine which people prefer to know and learn something there.

Millions of people visiting per day, so to take advantage out of it, you must have a clear voice while talking or voice over, your video must have some interesting, knowledge and funny factor in it. So that people may get into it and get their purpose.


get traffic by youtube marketing

I am also following this technique with having a blog and youtube channel to share my videos related to my niche.

You can subscribe my channle by clicking below link: Digital Haical Official Channel.

Above mentioned 7 tips and methods I use to get traffic to my blog or website. I hope you read and learnt the basic practice to grow in the field of blogging.

Let me know in the comment section that:

  • What strategy you are using?
  • Does this article fulfill your purpose?
  • Watch my video if still facing issue!

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