7 Best Blogging Niche Ideas 2021- Start Blogging In 2021 And Earn Money $150 Monthly

7 Best Blogging Niche Ideas 2021 - Start Blogging In 2021 And Earn Money $150 Monthly

7 Best Blogging Niche Ideas 2021

7 Best Blogging Niche Ideas 2021 – Start Blogging In 2021 And Earn Money $150 Monthly.

Hello readers, Welcome back to the blogging series. I am super excited to share with you the most profitable and Low Competition with high traffic blog niche ideas for the year 2021. Find my article to dive into further details.

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Top Blogs Ideas for:

  • You enjoy creating content around the topic (fulfillment)
  • Adequate demand in the market
  • There are many ways to demonetize (profitability)

The Popular Blog Niche Ideas 2021 are:

  1.  Business and Marketing
  2.  Food
  3.  Fashion
  4. Personal Finance and Investing
  5. Health and Fitness
  6. Lifestyle or Multi-Niche
  7. Travel

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To get details on the aforementioned blog Ideas. Please watch my video below. I have also shared my Bonus pro Tip which will add more earning streams to your blogging career.

7 Best Blogging Niche Ideas 2021 - Start Blogging In 2021 And Earn Money $150 Monthly

1. Business & Marketing

There is a saying, “In the land of the blind, a man with one eye is king.”

In other words, when no one really knows what to do, having a little bit of knowledge is all it takes to get to the top.

That’s an important point to keep in mind when entering one of the most competitive niches: business and marketing.

It says you want to start a blog by making money online. If you do, you will be competing with other competitors in the world.

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Now, say you want to start a blog about online marketing for retailers (or another hard-working, big, profitable, blue-collar with money that I can use but not known for its marketing ingenuity).

Here, you can be a one-eyed man in a world of blindness.

And that is exactly what you want.


You can sell high-quality information products, including consultation
You will hone your business and marketing skills


It’s a crowded place where you compete with top sellers

2. Food

Food bloggers make the most of their money through advertising. That means generating multiple page views before your blog is successful.

This can be done quickly with a great Pinterest strategy. But there is a fair amount of competition in popular niches like paleo, keto, and vegan.

If I were to enter this niche, I would do a lot of research before using Google Trends.

My goal would be to find a practice that starts to get pulled. For example, it would be a good idea to start a paleo blog in 2009.


The highest demand for both SEO and social media
Multiple products in space, allowing for supported posts
Trends go fast, which can create an opportunity if you react quickly


It can be a loving job to create an entirely new recipe (photos, tests, content writing, etc.)
Limited ability to sell products, as many people are looking for free recipes

3. Fashion

This is a very visible niche.

This is good, because social media is getting more and more views (see: Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube).

Display advertising, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing are the most common money-making strategies.


Clothing and accessories sellers can make good money through affiliate programs
Visual and less competitive (compared to Google) social networks like Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube have a lot of potentials.


Your brand is all around you
Not ideal for selling high-value items

4. Personal finance and investment

My favorite niche on the list!

Pinterest is in high demand for savings and money-saving themes. Similarly, as you develop an SEO strategy, you can quickly build traffic to the site.

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The highest-earning finance blogs focus on making money because this is where you can sell high priced products.


After creating a large readership, money can be pivoted to a place where the money is earned
High demand for information.


Personal finance is very seasonal, with interest rising from November to February
It is a competitive position in SEO, with many large publishing companies fighting for traffic
Example of a Profitable Personal Finance Blogger

See this blog revenue report

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5.  Health and Fitness

The biggest advantage of the health and fitness niche is that the audience is hungry for information (very intended).

People want answers to their problems, and they want them now.

This is a great place for a site like Pinterest to create traffic for new blogs.

Most health and fitness blogs start making money with affiliate programs.

Large editors have their own product that addresses the specific needs of their audience.

You don't require any content writer.
Free Article Generator Tool requires No Content Writing Skills in 2021. get adsense approved


A subsidiary can make money in many ways, from revenue to high-priced products


Is very competitive
Very seasonal (peaks in January)
Example of Beneficial Health and Fitness Blogger

Stupid fitness

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6.  Lifestyle or multi-appropriate

Starting a blog based on a niche is easy. But, the trend of taking dozens of successful multi-level blogs by the storm should not be ignored.

On the surface, these bloggers design content strategies to suit their interests.

But Deep Dive shows that successful multi-niche blogs are highly calculated in their content strategy, often focusing on generating content that is likely to drive serious traffic through Pinterest.

Furthermore, successful multi-niche blogs focus on solving specific population problems. For example, a Millennium Lifestyle blog focuses on finance, travel, career and relationships. Mom’s blogs focus on parenting, home, raising her family, and more.


You can switch between different topics based on the latest trends
If you are bored with things you can keep it interesting
More demonetization opportunities


Ranking on Google is difficult if your content is broad rather than deep
Your audience may have different problems that they want to solve, which makes it difficult to create a content strategy.

7. – Travel

Best Travel Blog:

They have a specific audience that creates content
Motivate others to do interesting things
Understand how to drive traffic from social media and SEO
In other words, it should come as no surprise that they are doing so well. Social media, SEO, building content around a specific population… This is what makes any blog successful.


You can create content associated with other related niches such as making money while traveling and hacking
Good ability to make money through credit card referrals
Are a lot of fun

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The content strategy of many travel bloggers revolves around their journey. Therefore, you need to be ready for a short and long journey and be able to travel
There is not much opportunity for high-value information products because most people’s budgets go towards travel expenses.
There will be a high advance cost if you do not plan to travel.

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7 Best Blogging Niche Ideas 2021 - Start Blogging In 2021 And Earn Money $150 Monthly

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