5 Common Mistakes of blogging in 2020 that effect your visitors

5 Common Mistakes of blogging in 2020 that effect your visitors

5 Common Mistakes of blogging that you get very low / no traffic

Is your website getting no traffic or very low traffic ? It’s a very common problem for website owners and in this article I’m going to share  you the the 5 commom mistakes and exactly why you’re not getting any traffic to your website and what you can do to fix It .

getting low traffic on you blog .5 Common Mistakes of blogging in 2020

Let’s get started the guide:

Let’s take help from my fitness website. Blogging career is completely depends on your consistency. After uploading around 20 to 30 articles people giving up just because they don’t getting traffic.

5 Common Mistakes in blogging

Truth is, most people really give up at starting days, most people give up after a few months you know they spend maybe a thousand dollar’s content or maybe they spent you know 30 hours or something of their own time writing content and then I think this is too hard this is not working and then they give up.

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But I know from my previous experience I know that that’s not how nice niche websites work. This is a long-term game.

Blogging is a long-term game and we kept posting the content and as you can see the more content you post we eventually ended up hitting a couple of articles that ended up doing really well.

A lot of people want to lose weight so they end up you know there was a big influx of traffic but basically soon you would on a baseline of about 2,000 page views every single day if you updating regular posts which are demanding as well as trending.

How to grow traffic on your blog content?

So if you just smooth this line that’s how it’s been growing and the more content you publish the more content is going to be ranking and you are your website Authority.

Basically keeps going up all the time, so that’s you get to know what is wrong and what is right ?

How to grow traffic on your blog content

Here I will mention few mistake which usually people making in their blogging career:

1. Mistake number one:

Most people give up after a few months but you just have to keep going you have to keep publishing the content so this is the very first mistake that a lot of people unfortunately make they give up too soon.

 2. Mistake number two:

That most people make and the reason, why they’re not getting traffic to their website is wrong keyword selection many people out there choose keywords that are way too hard for their brand new website that’s got no backlinks and they think that if they publish content on those keywords they will get traffic that is wrong.


Keywords selection before writing blog post or article:

You have to choose keywords with basically zero or near zero competition. Okay to most people to whether they do the keyword research. They type in something like keyboard into a drift or somewhere else and then they look at the color and they think oh 17 that’s pretty good.

 How to clean a keyboard volume is 8,000? that is awesome.
General Perception during Keyword Analysis:

I’m going to rank on page one and I’m going to get so much traffic that I’m going to make a lot of money. Well this is not how it works because keyword difficulty of 24 and even 17 and 15 is too high for a newbie website.

Reality behind New Websites and Old Websites?

If you’ve got a brand new website that you’re trying to develop. You will never rank for this I’m sorry to break the bad news but that’s just how it works. Because if I look at this SERP here this option here you will see that most of the websites that are ranking here have got huge authorities look domain rank 90 ,domain rank eighty even they’ve got tons of backlinks and most of the articles here will be really good quality .

Keyword reasearch and Keyword Difficulty

Keyword Difficulty:

So seventeen is way too high what I recommend for you to do is start out by typing in keyword difficulty four or even let’s go with five and work at keyword difficulty close to zero close to one graph for lower volume .

That’s completely fine and look how many keywords we still have and in pretty much any niche that are really untapped the potential here is huge in virtually any initiative even weight loss .

Even Fitness,  it’s crazy how many of Unity’s there, still are four bloggers and each website owners even if I choose my starting keywords to something like best keyboard or best keyboards which involves buyer intent these are absolute golden keywords and I type in keyword difficulty of five.

Few Long Tail Keywords Example which usually found, people are searching:

I can still find excellent keywords, look at this:

  • What is the best keyboard piano ,
  • What is the best piano keyboard

Short Analysis on Search Traffic, Keyword Competition and Keyword Difficulty:

They’re essentially the same term and so I combined to have a search traffic of about a hundred and thirty which is actually really good because they’ll pull in tons and tons of longer tail keywords as well.

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So you know anything over 100 is a great keyword and now this is a completely different picture look at the competition that we’ve got here.  We’ve got a website that’s got authority of just 19 okay that’s ranking on here and there ATF’s rank is very high. Which is odd as well, it means that they’re weak websites so, now we’ve even got Amazon ranking here now this means that if you even on a brand new complete newbie website you write an article on this topic, what is the best piano keyboard etc.  Because we’ve put in this filter of five.  This will mean that you can rank your content then you can actually start getting traffic.

blogging career 2020. Commom mistakes of blogging

So don’t make the mistake of going for green but hard keywords go for super low anywhere under five according to age rifts and then you’ll be fine.

 3-Mistake number three:

Why are you probably not getting much traffic to your website is you don’t have enough links. Internal links from one blog post to another.

Inbound and Outbound Links:

Let me show you something air tracks com have got a blog which I follow and you should follow as well . If you want to stay up to date on SEO and you will see that each of their blogposts has got close to a hundred internal links. Just research on big website or use any keyword research tool and check how many backlinks use to give authority.

You know it might be less than that but it certainly is more than twenty more than thirty. So each of their blog posts has got these links and each of these links actually links to another article on their blog. So each of these links goes to another blog post and there is the reason why they do this these does, two things:

  •  First of all it passes the link Authority or they call it link, whatever you want to call it these basically increases the overall authority of certain pages on your website.  So there’s kind of like link juice that gets passed on from one page to another and that helps that page which you’re linking to rank higher in the search engine.
  • The second thing and also very important thing that it does is that, it means that on average each visitor visits more than one page on your website. Imagine if these blog posts had no internal links.
Inbound Links in Blogs:

People would just come here that would read a little bit and they would just leave this blog post right now because there are these internal links what will happen is, as a person is reading this blog they will think well. Backlinks do help you rank higher in Google I wonder what this means, why is this hyperlinked rank higher in Google and they’ll click on it and they will end up going to read another blog post on this website.

This means that all of a sudden instead of just looking at one page on the website, the visitor has looked at two pages on the website and then as they’re reading these blog posts, they’ll also click on another link.

Benefits of Inbound Links

So that’s now three pages that I have seen and that gives a very strong signal to Google that the people who come to your website love your website and that they’re having a good user experience on your website.

Benefits of Inbound Links:
  1. This also means that if you’ve got display ads or affiliate links on your website you’re exposing a person to three opportunities to buy something from you or to click one of your ads instead of just one opportunity.
  2. Benefit now average time on page is pretty good it’s almost six minutes so people are clearly enjoying the content here but we had a pretty high bounce rate of eighty seven point nine two percent now what we’ve done is when and we added a lot of internal links from within that article to other related blog posts on our website.

You can check my series of videos on YouTube:

let me show you what that has done to the bounce rate once we have actually changed, this we make the change on the 13th of January and as you can see our bounce rate on that same post went down by almost 10% from 86 or whatever it was 87 percent it’s now down to 77 percent and look what it has done to the traffic?  Just in those incomplete months we got 14,000 page views.  So i am now in the process of going through and updating all of our blog posts because this will actually give you much higher page views overall making more money.

Benefits of blog getting ranked:

But also it will mean that most likely Google will rank your page is higher because now they can see that the users are really enjoying your content mistake number four that people make and why you also might not be getting enough traffic from Google is the blog posts are too short.

How many words that your blog post mush have in 2020 ?

Your blog post these days in 2020 have to be at least 2,000 words again I’m sorry this is breaking bad news for you but there are no shortcuts.

You have to create high quality content that’s just the truth of it and I’m going to give you a quick example here, i’ve published this blog post Pinterest tips for bloggers this is a long-form article as you can see we’ve got about 2,000 words on here now we ranked well.

So this is going to we’re going to be ranking for this keyword for months and years to come we’ve been ranking for it for quite a while.

Now if you search Google for Pinterest  tips for bloggers , we are at position number two I think it is caffeinated blogger.com Pinterest tips for bloggers the reason is we’ve got a really good long-form content and same with a lot of people that ask me questions and then I review their websites it turns out that they publishing content that’s 600 or 800 words long.

Well it might work in some case, the competition is very low or if your website US authorities through the roof but if you’re a beginning blogger who’s got a brand new website or a relatively new website, you have to publish content that’s two or three thousand words long there is no way around that it’s got to be in-depth content and once you get into the swing of things.

Total Time You must give to write one blog post or article . Digital Haical Ultimate Guide for 2020

Total Time You must give to write one blog post or article:

Do you learn how to write it?  Doesn’t take very long you know it might take you half a day to write this article but it’s absolutely worth it. Because almost every article that you’re right we’ll end up ranking summer on page one or two it’s going to get you traffic every single day.

And it’s going to make you money it’s better than publishing ten articles that are short and then just don’t bring any traffic for you. That’s just a waste of time.

Mistake Number Five:

Why are you potentially not getting enough traffic to your blog is because you might not have enough backlinks you have already heard me talk about this thing here called domain rank and it’s a metric that roughly determines how powerful your website is and how popular on the internet your website is.

It looks at all of the links from all of the other websites that are linking to your website.

The reason why this is important is because in Google’s eyes:

If there is a website to which everybody else links it means that that website is an authority  website:

For example:  Wikipedia has got millions possibly billions of links from everywhere pointing to it so that’s how it’s become a high authority website.

For you, in order to grow your blog and get higher and higher rankings and kind of progress up, the food chain you need to build these backlinks to your website. Don’t get me wrong, you can still get traffic even if you have zero backlinks as long as you choose your keywords correctly but if you want to eventually start ranking for higher and higher and more complex and larger keywords with high search volume?  You may need to start looking into building backlinks.

Ways to find people for guest blogging:


In Facebook, write “guest posts”  into the search bar and then make sure that you choose out of all these options at the top you choose groups.

You will get a bunch of groups which have names such as guest posting opportunities , so go ahead and join a bunch of these groups as many as you can and wait until you get approved.

I am a member of a couple of them and I have used them in the past and what you want to do is, you want to find opportunities free opportunities ideally free opportunities to publish guest posts on other people’s blogs and link back to your website from their website.

Understanding of Backlinks and Guest blogging:

So the idea is that you write an article for them they get free content because you have written an article so you give them that article, they publish it on their website and then link back to your website.

So that gives you +1backlink because there’s another website someone else’s website now that’s linking to your website and that adds a little bit of authority and credibility to your website.

For example you can see here I’ve just scroll down a little bit and somebody here says accepting free guest posting on home improvement or up to this weekend so if you want to get a backlink if you’re in this home improvement .

You know that and related niches, you can get in touch with this person and say hey I’m going to write an amazing guest post for you and they already know that you will want the backlink so then you can link to any of your articles on your website from the guest post that you submit to that person.  Moreover, that person has additionally mentioned that his is 40- plus. Which means that you can get a very strong backlink for free?

You just need to create an article for them so this is a very powerful hack for how you can start building backlinks to your website.

Above written article is completly reserached on the basis of live website stats and insights. Hope you could get some understanding. Last, please let me know by typing a comment that, did you ever felt these mistakes or you ever face such problem and as a result you give up ?

Let start commenting i will share my expeirences on blogging career .

Thank you for taking you precious time to my blog. Hope it will serve you with good information.


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